Why Asset Protection and Estate Planning Structures

Asset protection and estate planning structures require professional guidance. Just forming entities such as Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, Corporations, or International Asset Protection Trusts will not be sufficient to protect your assets. It is important to know how to manage them and how to structure these entities so that they inter-relate in a way that makes sense and works.

As part of our service, we bring our 28 years of expertise in asset protection and business to assist you in putting together a tax neutral and asset-protected plan that makes sense both from an asset protection point of view and from an estate planning point of view.

Make sure your asset protection plan actually provides protection

Far too often we see clients come to us with a group of Limited Liability Companies or Family Limited Partnership but absolutely no idea how to put them all together. They bought them from a smart salesman but that smart salesman had no idea of tax laws, structuring or documentation.

A properly done asset protection plan will segregate assets in such a way as to achieve the maximum in asset protection and in estate planning. It does not make sense to do one without the other.

Do yourself a favor and focus on the integrated package of asset protection planning and estate planning. Done properly, it will not only keep your creditors at bay but allow you to avoid probate and lower your estate taxes, which is a worthy goal for all of us.